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KBF 200

King Built Furnace

KBF Forced-Air Furnaces

KBF Furnaces with the HPC-1 combustion system are built to save you money in 3 ways:

  1. Lower Fuel Costs
  2. Lower Operating Costs
  3. Lower Maintenance

The savings start with the very premise of multi-oil heating—burning alternative fuels such as bio-diesel, vegetable oil and waste engine oil…or various grades of fuel oil.  A KBF furnace will reduce, if not eliminate, your heating fuel costs! 

Non-traditional fuels must be pre-heated for combustion. The exclusive HPC-1 burner system incorporated in all of our KBF furnaces pre-heats the fuel with hot water created by the system itself, unlike all of the burner units available that heat the fuel electrically. This hydronic heating of the fuel eliminates all of the problems associated with the electric elements found on other units, including carbon and grit build up, nozzle clogging, high maintenance and high energy costs. As these burners sit idle between cycles, the element continues to heat the fuels.  This constant baking creates carbonization, which clogs the system and causes burner failure.  It is common for these systems to require an annual overhaul, which costs up to $800.00!  The HPC-1 completely eliminates these problems and costs!

Ease of operation…consistent, reliable heat…and savings!   The KBF Series furnaces are available in 200,000 BTU input.  Contact our sales department to discuss which KBF Furnace is right for your needs! 

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