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KingBuilt.com is a company built on innovation, and it’s the HPC-1 combination waste oil and veggie oil burner that sets KingBuilt.com apart.  The unique features of our burner are not available anywhere else. 


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KingBuilt's KBB Series Overview

KingBuilt's KBB Residential Boilers

KingBuilt's KBB Light Commercial Boilers

KingBuilt's KBB Commercial Boilers

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KingBuilt's KBB Series Overview

A Better Way to Heat Your Buildings
Comfortable & Efficient
Wise Heating - By Design
Easy Access - Easy to Clean Out
GL-180M Gray Cast Iron
The Full Three-Pass Boiler
Thermostream Design & Benefits


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A Better Way To Heat Your Buildings

The KBB Series boilers are designed and built to the highest industry standards. They extract and deliver more heat from every fuel dollar. Acknowledged as the leader in high-efficiency, low emission hydronic heating, Kingbuilt offers innovative design, quality manufacturing, exceptional efficiency and performance.

A KBB cast iron oil boiler is ideal for new installations or as a replacement for virtually any make or model of boiler. They are compatible with most hot water tanks. Constructed with superior materials and designed by the industry's leading engineers, the KBB boiler has set the standard for the industry. With two ETL approved venting options either into a chimney or directly through the wall, the KBB boilers allow a wide range of installation possibilities.

Comfortable & Efficient

Keeping your building comfortable and warm is a high priority - but it doesn't have to come at high cost. Whether you heat by baseboard, panel radiators, hyrdoair systems or radiant flooring, our advanced heating systems will provide many years of exceptional comfort and economy.

Energy star ratings for boilers are based on an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, which is a ratio of the heat produced to the energy consumed on an annual basis. Not only is the Kingbuilt KBB boiler Energy Star rated, but it is also designed for ease of installation and maintenance. With features like a compact dimension and integrated handles for ease of transporting, adjustable leveling legs, rear tappings and flue connection, baffles and clips for adjusting stack temperatures and a heavy gauge blue enameled jacket, a Kingbuilt boiler is not only efficient, but it is easy to install.

With a full “swing” burner door and front access plugs which permit flushing of the boiler's interior, the KBB boilers can be thoroughly and properly cleaned in a fraction of the time it takes to clean a conventional boiler.

Wise Heating - By Design

The KBB Boiler is designed in Europe where fuel costs are significantly higher and environmental regulations are more stringent. Using state of the art techniques in the design and manufacturing process, the KBB is built to maximize the heating value of every once of fuel and constructed with the highest quality materials.

Manufactured without a heat-consuming refractory or target wall, service and maintenance calls are minimized, while fuel efficiency and heat transfer is maximized. The patented GL-180M flexible cast iron ensures that the boiler resists thermal shock under conditions of rapid temperature change. Sections are securely joined together and sealed by profiled, beveled steel push nipples, ensuring a long life with no leakage. Special compounds provide a gas-tight seal for safe and efficient operation. The full 3n thermal insulation around the boiler, including underneath, increases efficiency by almost eliminating standby and stack temperature losses.

Kingbuilt, the world leader in heating technology, manufactures the highest quality boilers based on centuries of experience. With its innovative design and quality manufacturing, a Kingbuilt boiler will outlast and out-perform virtually any other boiler system in the world.

Easy Access - Easy to Clean Out

The KBB Boiler series is known for its easy access and easy clean out. It takes very little time and effort to clean out the ash by product of waste engine lubricants.

GL-180M Gray Cast Iron

GL-180M silicone injected, gray cast iron obtains its superior material characteristics primarily from a high carbon (graphite) and silicone content. Gl-180M gray cast iron has excellent corrosion resistance, exceptional casting characteristics, 40% greater flexibility and elasticity as well as high thermal conductivity. The special substances that are impregnated during the casting process to improve the mechanical properties of cast iron. The graphite precipitates into smaller, modified flakes which produce GL-180M cast iron with 40% greater elasticity and a high silicone barrier for corrosion protection. All sections are heat treated to relieve thermal stresses. Additional elements further enhance the properties of the GL-180M. The graphite appears in two different forms in the microstructure: modular form producing excellent tensile strength and great elasticity and graphite flakes producing excellent corrosion resistance against acidic combustion products.

The Full Three-Pass Boiler

Optimized combustion with positive pressure - fired boilers and tailored chamber geometry - no need for a heat-consuming refractory or target wall eliminating the need for costly repairs.

Minimal stack losses with the modified three-pass flue design's large heat transfer areas.

Low standby losses with a full 3n jacket of thermal insulation around the entire block - even underneath the boiler!

How does the full three-pass boiler work? The flame fires into the first chamber. Then the flue products flow through the second pass to the front of the boiler. From there they reverse direction again - moving through the third pass to the back, and finally exiting via the flue connection into the chimney. Because the gases are held in the boiler longer this allows the cast iron to absorb the maximum amount of heat, resulting in a lower stack temperature and a higher efficiency.

Thermostream Design & Benefits

The Thermostream principle is proven for higher efficiency and improved system reliability in high volume heating systems. Condensation and thermal shock are made impossible by design, as cool return water mixes internally and is preheated with supply water before exposure to directly heated surfaces. This process eliminates hot and cold spots in the coiler and balances water flow throughout all boiler sections. The Thermostream design permits continuous low temperature operation under normal return water without requiring a minimum boiler return temperature. Internal water circulation and injection into each boiler section combined with deflection plates ensure condensate free boiler operation - even Under no flow conditions.

The benefits of the Thermostream Design:

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