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Learn About KingBuilt's HPC-1 Burner

KingBuilt Waste Oil is a company built on innovation, and it’s the HPC-1 combination waste oil and veggie oil burner that sets apart.  The unique features of our burner are not available anywhere else. 


What Our Customers Are Saying....

My Kingbuilt furnace has been running well the last 3 years at my auto repair shop. Last winter I burned only 1400 gallons in a cold winter so it has been very efficient. The furnace is easy to clean, maintain and dependable. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ken Hering - Olson Auto Service


KBI   Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What can a multi-oil burner use as fuel? 
A:  Many different oils can be used. Here is a full listing:

Q:   Do you always have to burn the same fuel? 
A:   No, many users of our systems burn multiple fuels. KingBuilt offers a  variety of unique fuel handling systems that can be tailored to meet your needs and the fuels that are available to you.
Q:   What makes a system different? 
A:   Our HPC-1 burner, which incorporates a multitude of unique features. Among these are our exclusive pre-heat system, which heats the fuel with hot water, our two-stage air system, and our Posi-Off oil burner.  

Q:  Why is your hydronic pre-heat system better? 
A:  Our competitors pre-heat the fuel using electric elements.  This causes carbonization, which clogs the burner and requires frequent maintenance.  It also
takes a considerable amount of costly energy to power these elements. Pre-heating
the oil with hot water produced by the system itself eliminates the costly electric elements, and dramatically reduces the maintenance of the system. 

Q:  Are boilers built for commercial use only? 
Not anymore.  Originally, auto service shops and car dealerships that had waste
engine oil readily available were most interested in these systems.  But with rising
fuel costs, the national commitment to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and the rapidly growing interest and availability in US produced bio-fuels, it now makes sense for restaurants, schools, county and state shops, smaller businesses and homeowners to consider multi-oil heat. The new KBR series systems are smaller boilers, in sizes designed for small businesses and residential applications. These systems also provide your domestic hot water. 

Q:  Is this system for new construction only? 
  Absolutely not!’s systems can be used in new construction, or
easily installed in existing buildings.  In many cases our systems can be tied right
into the existing system, utilizing the air handlers and ductwork that are already

Q:  How safe is this system? 
Safety is a top priority in the design of all of our products. Our heating systems are Listed by CSA International utilizing Underwriter Laboratory’s standard 296 for atomizing type oil burner and CSA standard B140.2.1 for atomizing type oil burner. Our combustion systems are equipped with a multitude of safety features.

A: Pre-heating oil with hot water is substantially safer than heating oil with electric heaters. This is just another feature making a KingBuilt burner the wisest choice you can make.

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