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The Kingbuilt waste oil burners/boilers have been a very good investment, with about a two year payback. We are now heating Apple Valley Ford for free as far as fuel is concerned. The few issues that we had with the installation at the beginning were quickly resolved. We had originally purchased a competing brand but have found the Kingbuilt units to be competitively priced and very reliable.

Mike Higgins - Apple Valley Ford

Frequently Asked Question

Q:  Is this system for new construction only? 

  Absolutely not!’s systems can be used in new construction, or easily installed in existing buildings.  In many cases our systems can be tied right into the existing system, utilizing the air handlers and ductwork that are already

About KingBuilt

Over 7 years ago, one of the present owners and lead engineer of, Inc. was evaluating a popular “used oil” boiler that he had purchased, attempting to find a way to make it more reliable and require less maintenfance. The problems he identified were oil carbonization in the burner, and the related issues caused by this grit. As it turned out, these problems were not only present on that unit, but were actually inherent to the technology being applied to all systems available at that time. What he came up with was a combustion system different from all others, with unique features that not only solved these problems, but now enables the systems to burn a multitude of oils, without the concerns and limitations the other systems share. 

At, Inc. we are dedicated to an ongoing process of creating, building, and refining our products. Uniform quality is assured with efficient and modern manufacturing methods. What this means to you is a competitive price for the highest quality multi-oil heating system on the market. We certainly are not the oldest, or largest company in our market, we simply offer the most technologically advanced products available in our industry., Inc. is also known for keeping their client’s systems current by offering upgrade components whenever additional enhancements are developed and tested. These upgrades insure that our customers have the latest, most advanced system available., Inc. is located in Eau Claire Wisconsin, just 1 hour east of St. Paul, MN.

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