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King Built's HPC-1 Multi-Oil Burners are the most revolutionary burners on the market. Our patented burners feature two-stage start-up, overhaul-free pre-heat systems, and interupted ignition system.

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Your electrical diagram/schematic is beautiful...not a very manly term...but nonetheless, it was very helpful to me recently when I wired in an ignition controller. You and the staff there at Kingbuilt obviously strive to live up to your company name, and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

I have about 6,000 hours on the KBB-350 boiler bought just over two years ago. It has paid for itself in this short time. Anytime I've needed anything you guys have been right there with me. I truly appreciate your design, support and professionalism.

David Solberg - Solberg Marina

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Save money and help the environment with waste oil heating!

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The Wisest Choice For Waste Oil Heating

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      …where better design means a better solution to your heating needs!   

You’ve just found the most efficient, best engineered multi-oil systems built today. defines the heating system of the future.  Our exclusive HPC-1 combustion system and advanced engineering makes the product line the safest, most efficient multi-oil heating systems on the market today. 

What is multi-oil heat? 
Multi-oil heat means the burner system is designed to efficiently burn a number of alternative fuels. These fuels range from waste engine oils, used transmission fluid and #1 - #6 fuel oil, to used restaurant oils and bio fuel products.

If you create or have access to non-traditional fuels, multi-oil heating allows you to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate your heating costs altogether!

Multi-oil heating is a sound solution to the rising costs of traditional fuels and a means to less dependency on foreign oil.  BUT NOT ALL MULTI-OIL BURNERS ARE CREATED EQUAL.   Please explore this website to learn why is your wisest choice!

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